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Interacting with an R Session through Websockets

I created sift::r to sift through data within an R session so that I could provide an intuitive interface for clients to sort through captured data, and create a shareable, interactive method for viewing information.

Frequency Tables

The sift package has been broken down into different functions. This has helped structure the package in a way that breaks down what would be a behemoth, monolithic application into independently operating tools. The first tool under the sift umbrella is the sift::table.


If you are not using this locally, you can change the IP and port of the websocket that this connects to.


UI for Graphing

Screen Sharing a Session Mirroring

This was a big part of why I wrote the interactive tool to work on top of an R session working as a websocket server. Being able to connect to the R session with realtime communications creates an opportunity for sharing communication between clients as well as the server. Screenshares are limited, not only by the bandwidth, but also on the level of interaction.

Bespoke Functions

Extending sift lets you do what you want.