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I created this site a while back initially to serve as an index for some really great R resources. I still plan on collecting R resources, but I also want to have a searchable index of code that I created which might help others. Think of it as a github gist, with a little extra context and primarily from the same author.

Community Driven Data Science and Interactive Charting

This site will also serve as the home of sift (aka sift::r). Sift is really my focus lately, as it has potential to be a great tool for community driven data science. The idea of group based interactive charting is still in its infancy, but has potential.

Right now I am working on the separate modules for the larger application which I made a short video for. Sift will have a few different interactive, browser based tools for sharing the R workspace / session.

  • sift::table()
    • Frequency tables based on user selected columns
    • Downloadable observations
    • Sortable columns with data.table
    • Subset on user created filters
    • Quick match on a specified column
  • sift::plot()
    • Integrate with ggplot / plotly / nvd3
    • Web UI
      • Selecting Axis
      • Subsetting
      • Plotting options
    • Allow access to connected users
  • sift::r()
    • Dashboard for all options within the tool